A monologue from the play by Eric Kaiser

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  • WOMAN: I had this dream I was at a Nazi Death camp, but it was a water park. With only the Jews sliding down hundreds of intertwined tubes. All the Nazis were watching from the ground. I walked and stood next to the Nazis and saw that all the rides ended in a violent death. Sometimes two different slides would end out of no where, and two Jews would fly out of the water tube slamming into each other and crushing their bones, limply falling to the ground already riddled with other limp bodies. Sometimes someone would fly out of the slide into a pool of razors and rusty spikes. Some would end in a great explosion, with flaming limbs landing all around the Nazis. In the movies the Nazi’s always laugh, and are cocky and are mean. But the Nazi’s were in as much pain as the Jews on the slides. They knew what they had caused, and they were ashamed. They knew their shame was a life long sentence. And the rides went on like that all day and all night.